Prototype design for a new entrant in the FinTech space.


Vallum is a financial technology startup in the insurance market. They provide a data-analytics, customer experience and business intelligence platform for insurers and their customers.

Put simply, Vallum help insurance companies and their customers do things a whole lot better using leading technology and design.

We worked with Vallum to design and validate their app that makes car insurance claims simple and painless.

We ran workshops with Vallum to ideate our idea for an AI chatbot before designing and creating the mobile prototype. We also helped create the presentation deck for their MTA presentation.

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Vallum mobile and desktop
Vallum - mockup
Vallum - mockup


Pole created user interface designs for Vallum’s first prototype and to say we were delighted is an understatement. They embody design-thinking and customer-journeys and have a deep understanding of how to add maximum value in product build.
They quickly became part of the product team, understood the product and customer and produced extremely high-quality designs.
The UI was beautiful and completely captured the experience we are looking to deliver.
— Peter Fletcher-Dobson Vallum