7 Reasons why we choose Squarespace


Squarespace is by far the easiest platform to use, with the cleanest interface. It’s perfect for small to midsize websites and is a breeze for clients to edit content.
Here’s why we love it…


Modern design

Having a clean, modern, updated look is absolutely crucial, expectations are high. Squarespace offers a large selection of the cleanest themes. Sure, there aren’t 100,000 options, but the 40+ they offer have extreme flexibility and we always personalise them to match your brand. 

Easiest user interface…. ever

If you have a Content Management System then you need to be able to easily manage the content.

The user interface for editors is easy to understand with just the right amount of options so you can update content without breaking the design. This means anyone on our team can make changes on the fly with no background and it looks great, every time.

Compatible Across All Platforms and Devices

Making sure your site works on every device is crucial. On an average day, at least 50% of our site traffic is from mobile devices. Many WordPress templates are responsive, but no matter what, with Squarespace you always have that flexibility built-in. Goofy things that you might overlook, like increasing the font size for phones or rearranging photos so the page flows, are automatically taken care of for you right inside Squarespace!

Social Integration

Many sites offer functionality to link to social sites, but we love the customised widgets that make the social streaming feel like it is apart of the original design. We often pull in posts and photos from clients Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. 

But the even cooler thing, is that you can pull in events or booking calendars, brilliant!


Having a secure place to host is extremely important. Squarespace is totally in the cloud so you have no issues managing your own server. There are no third party widgets to worry about that may have loopholes for hackers.


Apart from us providing all the support you will need Squarespace also offer support via chat and email. Sweet.

Integrated E-Commerce

Super simple integration with Stripe and PayPal makes it a breeze to list and sell products online using Squarespace. It is perfect for delivering digital downloads (for free or paid), selling physical products, managing shipping and more.

To conclude

Squarespace isn’t the only CMS out there for small business and it’s not the only tool we use, but it's the one we recommend most often to clients. Why? Because it offers nearly everything a website could need, on a stable system, with lots of options to make it look just the way you want it to. 

If you still aren't sure, then get in touch, we can show you some work and talk shop.