5 website redesign tips


There are several good reasons to overhaul your company’s site, design and messaging.


Maybe you’re launching a new product. Or maybe your outdated site is starting to turn away business. No problem. Follow these tips to help you re-think, design and build your next website.

1. Define your business objectives

Be specific, go beyond the generic answers of “marketing” or “to improve ROI.” Yes those answers are correct, but they’re nonspecific. Try to develop attainable goals that are specific and measurable. For most companies, the goal is to promote goods and services. Other goals might be to drive newsletter signups, drive quotes and enquiries generat ors or increase ecommerce sales.

2. Understand your users and their goals

Don’t design your site based on assumptions. Understand your users, talk to them and make sure your assumptions are correct. Who are they? what age, gender interests? Once you know their goals you can design the your site to help them achieve with ease.

3. Spend time on your home page

Your homepage is the first opportunity to engage consumers. Make sure you serve up exactly what they want straight away. If they want to find a heat pump, give them a calculator that makes it easy to choose the right one. People scan, they read small chunks and look for the next thing to click. Try to keep any written content as simple and concise as possible.

4. Don’t skimp on good design

Have you placed the key messages in the areas where the human eye tends to land first? Design drives behaviour. Clients who put careful thought into winning customers’ confidence perform far better than those who simply dump all their information on a landing page.

5. Review old content

Often, content that worked in an old site won’t work in a new one. Make sure you do a content audit and assign resources to refresh your written, visual, and video content as well as the overall design.
You may need to remove, reword, and develop new content that does a better job of connecting with your audience. Go back to the data, and write content your audience will consider valuable and relevant.

Follow these tips for your next website redesign to greatly boost your chance of success. Contact us to find out how Pola can help your next web project be a success.

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