Our UX design process


Having a good UX(User Experience) design process is pretty important in our line of business.


We follow a simple, focused and flexible process tailored to suit every client. It’s a journey of discovery with 5 essential steps plus more when needed, that are all vital to creating what will be one of your greatest digital assets.

Step 1. Business and customer(user) goals

Part of our Discovery Workshop. We work with you to understand your business objectives and users goals. What do you want to achieve? What do your users want from you?
We try to involve several stakeholders from your business plus a few of your current clients to gain perspective and insight.

Step 2. Content and features

The second part of our discovery workshop. Together we work out what content and technical features we can create that will benefit everyone. Do we need an easy to use gym timetable, case studies and testimonials or maybe a photo gallery for inspiration?
Each one has a purpose and benefit that will match goals and improve the overall user experience of your website. 

Step 3. User flow

How can we help users discover the right content?

Users don’t always know what you have to offer. They have a goal or a job to do and they don’t want to work for it. We need to provide guidance and trust by creating logical easy to use navigation and Calls to Action(buttons and links).   

Step 4. Design that baby!

Putting all of this together plus research and discovery around your brand, competition and industry we design and create your site. Sounds simple but its extensive and comprehensive made with a ton of love and attention.

Step 5. Test and improve

We test your site with users and stakeholders from your business as much as possible. The goal is always to learn and improve taking your site from great to amazing! This is an ongoing process both pre and post-launch.

This brief rundown of our process should give you some insight into our user-focused approach and an understanding of why it is so valuable.

Get in touch with us any time to see how we can help with your next digital project.

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